Tuesday 7 May 2019

Mega knit lounge boy

This is the third incarnation of this material. In this incarnation it has become a low lounge pouf or fat boy. The fat yarn is a knitted i-cord that I knitted appx. 10 years ago, when I first crocheted the mega crochet pouf. What happend was that I found some left-over yarn, and as the pouf couldn't become much bigger, I had to think of another object. My husband liked very much to sit on the pouf but was missing back-support, hence I thought to re-knit it into a twisted cube, so that the long side would function as a back-support.

the lazy leaning pouf with some back support

Close-up of the texture, where you can see the knitted i-cord

Staircase for size

Me holding the mega yarn ball

knitting on needle size 35mm, too big
knitting on needle size 35mm, too loose texture

Knitting on needle size 12, too tight texture

knitting on needle size 25, perfect texture

Second incarnation, the mega crochet pouf from 2007

The first incarnation of this material, a jacket probably knitted in 1992

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