Monday 21 May 2018

Twisted rib cables

Recently I have been finishing some odd skeins by making twisted rib yoga-socks and finger-less gloves. This was great way to try out a new stitch. I must say I really like this stitch, it gives good texture to the cable.

I first tried the yoga-socks by Twisted Fiber Design. This first try was with a frogged acrylic yarn I had once got from my mum with a slight fading. Not a super quality but good enough for a first try, however as you see the cables don't stand out very well. My sister has now nicked these leg-warmers, perfect for pilates she said.
First try in an acrylic fade, cables don't stand out every well here

For the fingerless gloves I had even less yarn so they became just big enough to cover the hand, though I did manage to insert a wedge for the thumb. This yarn was from a frogged collar from Margriet's sweater. So now she has got matching gloves. The stitch works much better in this yarn which has much more definition.
the stitch works much better in this yarn

Last try was in a light purple acrylic, this yarn has more body so the stitch stands out very well. Generally I find that the twist makes the cable stand out much better than a regular cable.
Leg warmers for a young girl who was very happy with these for her gym-lessons,
and she has got the matching light purple bag

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