Sunday 20 December 2020

4th Advent Sunday

goodmorning Sunday 4th Advent, the count-down or up whichever way you like to see it, is almost finished, christmas is near.

Here's the pattern for the 4th Sunday, enjoy the knitting.

Sunday 13 December 2020

3rd Advent Sunday

 goodmorning, here's your pattern for the 3rd Advent Sunday Yulekugle. Hearts for compassion.

Sunday 6 December 2020

Sunday 29 November 2020

Sunday 1 November 2020

Advent Sunday christmas-balls

Some of you might know that some years ago, I published a knitting pattern for a very nice, but also very advanced numbered advent calendar. The idea was knitting one bauble a day through out December, obviously a highly ambitious plan.

I still like to idea of celebrating the milestones of December with a knitted bauble, so here is the new project; one bauble a week-plan. A much more achievable plan. Yeah! And if you download the single pattern every Sunday, then the pattern is for free.

What is very special about these yulekugler is that I have finished the top and bottom using the technique from a fair isle tam. This created a kind of star at the top and bottom, that is a little bit difficult to knit fair-isle with so little stitches, but I think its really worth it. It makes the baubles look much more fully decorated rather than just having a decorated band around the middle.

This is the teaser, the announcement, I will publish the patterns every Sunday this year, so you have something to look forward to. Just get those knitting needles ready, and order your yarn, you will need:

Red, white, dark blue, light blue, forest green and a tiny little bit of yellow for highlights. all in sock yarn. knitting needles size 3mm and some filling, I like to work with polystereen balls 8cm diameter, others prefer a soft filling. The godfathers of christmas balls: Arne & Carlos recommend wool filling.

See you on 29th of November 

I will also publish the pattern in my Ravelry shop in its interity for a very friendly price.


Sunday 20 September 2020

The cow and the reptile

Finally finished object: Cow sweater for my niece. She commissioned this sweater when she turned 18, it should be a look-alike to a sweater she loved as a kid, and it took me just 2,5 years to knit it..... why? Because I took some side-tracks in-between and knitted some other easier projects, because this was a hard one. I had forgotten a bit how tiresome it is to do this kind of color-blocking work were you need to twist the two colours of yarn on the backside, and you need to deal with the mess of 7-10 yarn balls getting completely tangled up. But hey I managed! Hehe.

So it’s me to the left (the reptile or dinosaur, whichever you like) wearing my COS sweater and my niece to the right wearing her cow-sweater that I knitted. 

I developed the pattern myself. The nice thing about knitting is that you can approach it just like a pixel painting. So basically I just used some checkered paper and the tried to make a drawing looking like a cows spots, asymmetric and irregular.
Here came then also the difficulty of the knit. Because of the complete irregularity and randomness of the pattern you need to look and count on every single row. It’s not a knit to relax with, it actually requires high concentration.

I used twisted rib on the edges, I just love the twisted rib, because it gives such a nice definition, on the neckline I made a double folded edge, I love the puffyness it creates, opposed the the flatness of the single layer.

The beloved sweater from 15 years earlier

From when I just started and had not realized yet I would need to toggle 7-10 yarn-balls simultanously