Sunday 7 September 2014

Repair vest

In august 2014 I became very, very sick. Knitting, crocheting and stitching became the one thing that saved my sanity throughout autumn 2014, as it was almost litterally the only thing I was able to do. In the periods when I was able to sit-up somewhat straight.
One of the first things I resorted to when I was able to crawl out of bed in the beginning of September was to repair a vest. It was full of holes, probably moths but I still wonder why the moths made the holes is such a randomn way and i.e. not all the way through the fabric, I still also consider that chemicals might have been the reason.

so on-top of the holes I embroidered a little dot in different coloured embroidery yarn

strange selfie :-) and I can see another hole that needs repair
the vest before, and as you see full of holes