Sunday 28 January 2018

35 years ago hand-me-down

The daughter of my sister has started wearing the rainbow sweater i knitted for my dad appx. 35 years ago. Isn’t it amazing? I’m quite flattered. I think she likes the unicorn colours (she used to like unicorns) and she finds it fascinating that i made it so long ago when i was about her age, plus many young people i know like vintage.
Here they are: 2 people; representing 3 generations
© Knitbitch sister
I had so many reactions to this post on Facebook, that I decided to display an anonymised view of them here. It sparked in me this idea about how a piece of knitwear can form a family connection, be an inter-generational piece when shared and bridge time. Just like the act of knitting itself often also is, passed down from generation to generation. at least I learned knitting from my grandma and my mum. I know nowadays many new knitters learn knitting from YouTube, so we are breaking the pattern.
© knitbmitch


  1. Wow, and the sweater still looks great, it has lasted very well! Your sister took good care of it!

    1. Thxxxxxxxxx, we had to do a little mending, but you don't see it :-)It was actually my dad who had it and wore it for all those years :-) My sister is just intergenerationally in-between the two peeps in the picture