Friday 12 February 2016


I did an art-swap!! :-) not my first swap, but this was my first artistic swap. Sometime ago I crocheted a tote bag in broomstick lace out of Leftovers from Industry curtain cord from Verosol. read the post here. I send this bag off on a whim with a friend and colleague who was going to visit Shannon from in California. I thought it was nice to send her the bag, as she's always so enthousiastic about my crafting, my biggest supporter so to say.
Fortunately she was really happy to receive the bag, she responded by uploading this picture to Instagram.

she was so happy that she asked what she could ever do to thank me. Easy question, because I LOVE Shannons illustration, so I asked if perhaps one day she could make a little drawing for me.
and she did! Here it is it just arrived one week ago

It's so funny :-) because she made an illustration of a knitted sweater. From what I make up of the text it might have been knitted by bees (not sheep) that are now sleeping.
I'm now thinking about how I'm going to frame it, it came in such a nice "little drawings" packaging with cute cello-tape, I might just re-use some of that for the frame.

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