Friday 22 December 2017

Christmas decoration

just in time! On the 22nd of December just before leaving I finally got that Christmas decoration up and hanging. This time a modest amount of 7 knitted Christmas baubles hung on a string. All I could muster this year.

My street-facing window

and seen from the right side

There are some new patterns there, all of them using the new fair isle tam technique top and bottom. I'm a bit behind with my posts and knitting patterns.... hope to be able to share these patterns soon, then you should have plenty of time to prepare for next christmas :-)

Sunday 10 December 2017

Utrecht fiber fest spinning

“Spinning is a post apocalyptic survival skill”. At least that’s what Lili van Wattum from Sticks and Cups said on Sunday when I went to the first Utrecht Fiber Fest together with me friend @hakenenogen on Ravelry (who prefers to not be named on the internet with her real name).
We got to learn different spinning techniques using a spindle stick that she had made for the purpose. Spinning some carded fleece for us to try with.
the prepped fleece and the spinning wheel

Me to the left in 1974 on a scouting camp where we got to spin viking style. I look very concentrated, heh? :-)