Tuesday 21 February 2012

Knitted Easter-eggs

Arno and Carlos have just released a new book; knitted Easter-eggs. And baubles. I have never really thought much about decorating my house for easter, guess I sort of forgot decorated Easter eggs. The pictures of the knitted eggs and baubles are all very pretty and much more colorful this time compared to the Christmas baubles. It makes me consider, a tiny little bit that is, because I can see those eggs are complicated knitting work. Multiple colors on sock-needles not an easy job, so I'm not promising that you will see any Easter eggs knitted by me here.

Besides I think hubby is just happy christmas baubles are gone now.

Arne & Carlos, knitted easter eggs
Arne & Carlos, knitted easter baubles

Arne & Carlos, knitted easter baubles. They call this one running chicken! :-)

you can download a PDF-flyer from DaleGarn here, and you can join both Arne and Carlos as well as Dalegarn on Facebook.
Link thanks to Jacqueline

Sunday 19 February 2012

New amigurumi; Jo the rockbitch

For Jo's leaving party. jo is a biker girl, so I thought let's make a rockbitch, easy to make it look like Jo with all that hair. She's from Scotland, which you hear when she talks :-) so we gave her a celtic cross on the front of her t-shirt. The amigurumi is wearing the recognizable Jo signature elements; golden sneakers and leather jacket.

John helped brainstorming about the styling elements, Ozgur helped with the photography. It's Ozgurs LEGO bike.
rockbitch amigurumi

rockbitch amigurumi
rockbitch amigurumi
Jo and her rockbitch avatar