Sunday 29 November 2020

Sunday 1 November 2020

Advent Sunday christmas-balls

Some of you might know that some years ago, I published a knitting pattern for a very nice, but also very advanced numbered advent calendar. The idea was knitting one bauble a day through out December, obviously a highly ambitious plan.

I still like to idea of celebrating the milestones of December with a knitted bauble, so here is the new project; one bauble a week-plan. A much more achievable plan. Yeah! And if you download the single pattern every Sunday, then the pattern is for free.

What is very special about these yulekugler is that I have finished the top and bottom using the technique from a fair isle tam. This created a kind of star at the top and bottom, that is a little bit difficult to knit fair-isle with so little stitches, but I think its really worth it. It makes the baubles look much more fully decorated rather than just having a decorated band around the middle.

This is the teaser, the announcement, I will publish the patterns every Sunday this year, so you have something to look forward to. Just get those knitting needles ready, and order your yarn, you will need:

Red, white, dark blue, light blue, forest green and a tiny little bit of yellow for highlights. all in sock yarn. knitting needles size 3mm and some filling, I like to work with polystereen balls 8cm diameter, others prefer a soft filling. The godfathers of christmas balls: Arne & Carlos recommend wool filling.

See you on 29th of November 

I will also publish the pattern in my Ravelry shop in its interity for a very friendly price.