Saturday 24 December 2016

My Christmas decoration this year

Just picked up this random branch from the street and suspended it from the ceiling. Perfect to hang your knitted Christmas balls. I'm not a fan of the traditional Christmas tree. So sad all those trees that get cut down just to decorate our homes. Don't want to think of the carbon footprint it represents

Monday 28 November 2016

Goodbye Ally mini-mi

Unfortunately Ally has decided to leave us. As a goodbye gift I crafted a mini-me in her "tenue du travail" wearing some important bling brand assets such as the shield and a golden mean necklace.

Sunday 20 November 2016


i crocheted this bag  to use for a birthday gift of delicacies, instead of the traditional basket. It could just about hide a bottle of wine. It was a quick weekend project. I used the thickest cord out of the "leftovers from Industry" curtain cord. That calls for hook size 8mm.
Goodiebag by The Knitbitch

Sunday 2 October 2016

Upcycle kitchen cloth

1350 gr of cotton stash, leftovers, recycled yarn, abandoned projects and yarn from the thrift shop has been turned into 37 kitchen cloths. Already given some away. My little effort to limit micro plastic washing into the oceans. Still plenty of ends to weave in, for a rainy Sunday. There is a very nice Danish Facebook group called "vi strikker vores kareklude selv". 

Sunday 28 August 2016

cutting t-shirt yarn

Here I am cutting t-shirt yarn. I had this bunch of old t-shirt, so why not turn them into yarn. works exactly the same way as when I was cutting plastic bags into plarn.

The plan is to turn this into a supersize ninja rabbit. More about that later.
cutting t-shirt yarn

cutting t-shirt yarn

pile of t-shirts
This is the kind of ninja I would like to make like a super-size rabbit to guard over the house

Sunday 14 August 2016

chunky upcycled pouf

This was a small weekend project. I came across 2 ugly poufs in the thrift store, I unraveled the 5 kg of rope and turned it into a chill "pebble" pouf. Stuffed with an old duvet. Hubby is saying we now have enough poufs in da house :-)

Friday 8 July 2016

Chunky texture cushions

All coincidences. I just happened to have a heap of scraps of Lana Grossa Regazza Lei. And it just so happened that my cushion covers were broken. So why no knit some chunky cushion covers?
And because I had some extra knitting time (due to ill health) I finally had time to teach myself basket weave and herringbone stitch. Which is just lovely in chinky Lana Grossa Regazza Lei. 
Pronto two chinky knit cushion covers. Well, that was actually last year. Due to that Ill health I'm also not so presto blogging

Recently added to the collection: the mustard yellow sister. In Smyrnalaine which I bought on a Frencg flea market. This time just simple seed stitch, because, really, there was not enough yarn. Actually have had to make the backside in some beige Drops Andes. Turned out that the transition from Smyrnalaine to Drops Andes was the most challenging part of the project, because gauge is not identical. 

Friday 12 February 2016


I did an art-swap!! :-) not my first swap, but this was my first artistic swap. Sometime ago I crocheted a tote bag in broomstick lace out of Leftovers from Industry curtain cord from Verosol. read the post here. I send this bag off on a whim with a friend and colleague who was going to visit Shannon from in California. I thought it was nice to send her the bag, as she's always so enthousiastic about my crafting, my biggest supporter so to say.
Fortunately she was really happy to receive the bag, she responded by uploading this picture to Instagram.

she was so happy that she asked what she could ever do to thank me. Easy question, because I LOVE Shannons illustration, so I asked if perhaps one day she could make a little drawing for me.
and she did! Here it is it just arrived one week ago

It's so funny :-) because she made an illustration of a knitted sweater. From what I make up of the text it might have been knitted by bees (not sheep) that are now sleeping.
I'm now thinking about how I'm going to frame it, it came in such a nice "little drawings" packaging with cute cello-tape, I might just re-use some of that for the frame.

Sunday 24 January 2016

Happy Husband cardigan

"Happy Husband" cardigan now finally finished,  I have been searching and trying for years. It feels quite selfish to only ever haven knitten him a scarf. It was design by trial and error. Total time more than one year,  If I count the times I started off with other yarns and design ideas it took a decade. But here it is and he is happy.

I have tried off in 3 different yarns, first it was too thin and soft (feminine) then it was too thick and coarse (tchy). I started over many times, to get the needle size right, to get the pattern right (finally settled on seedstitch) and to get the design/proportions right. I wanted to knit something that was fully fashioned and slim fit, as I hate oversized sweaters. The design is contiguous top-down principle developed for this yarn size and with sophisticated fully fashioned detailing. By the way I'm also happy that my idea has now finally worked out and it's finished. I thank this last yarn to the kind donation from @Ivo and @annemarie who collected this vintage Hema Fisherman Wool from and old lady. Delivered to me by @inge_noordijk. Combined with a couple of skeins Drops Andes. I used pensize 6mm, thinner than recommended for Drops Andes, but that gives the work more body, and hence creates a more masculine result

This model is worked seamlessly from top-down using the contiguous sleeve method developed by Susie Myers, (“SusieM” on Ravelry)
Happy Husband cardigan by Knitbitch

Happy Husband cardigan by Knitbitch

Happy Husband cardigan by Knitbitch

Happy Husband cardigan by Knitbitch

Happy Husband cardigan by Knitbitch