Sunday 13 November 2011

Supersize crochet plarn rabbit

This giant rabbit is really astonishing. It's the work of Erika Scharff, all made out of old plastic bags, however not known how many of them went into this work, but I could imagine it must have been a truck-load. It participated in the Greenheart Artprice 2011, where it ended up a shared third. Rumor has it that the Rabobank has bought it and that it will be installed at the Rabobank headquarters in Utrecht.
link thanks to @Pascrosie

mijn konijn by Erica Schaff @ Nieuwkoop
mijn konijn by Erica Schaff @ Nieuwkoop

Friday 11 November 2011

pull-on some coziness

Maybe it's because of the period of austerity that we are going through? The idea of pulling-on a extra layer of knitted coziness is really catching on. It's as if snuggling away in this nice and warm knitted comfort we could maybe simply forget the harsh and cold world out there? and it makes us think that the world is a little bit nicer place to be.

These vases from the Marie Claire idees are really easy to make, because it's simply old stockings that are cut to measure and pulled over some old vases.
Marie Claire Idees Oct 2011

and these smoothies have been given a nice and warm little knitted hat.
Innocent Smoothies

This was one of the first times that I saw furniture that had been given on a nice warm layer of knitwear. still quite modest, it's just little socks.
Milan Designweek 2008 - Satellite

and this is a more recent and much more advanced. big all-over cover jacket in a complicated pattern
Milan Designweek 2011
PlusDeSign Gallery Lambrate

Sunday 6 November 2011

watch this video; knitting graffiti gone OTT

Enter a bizarre universe on the intersection between a Thrift Store and it's secret universe that's hidden behind and to which random customers are kidnapped. The hidden universe is a psychedelic world where everything is wrapped up in knitting; grandma's crochet blankets, sweaters and what have you, it has all been patchworked together to form one uninterrupted surface of crafted material. It's a bit sick and somewhat insane. What drugs did these guys take?

Link thx to my friend Andrew @oxcon

Seventeen Evergreen - Polarity Song from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.