Thursday 15 September 2011

knitting christmas baubles

I know it's a bit early to start about christmas, and christmas is also not my favorite part of the year, but I have to mention this; two Dutch men Arne and Carlos have started a new rage that I'm sure is going to hit hard amongst craft addicts; knitted christmas-balls.

the situation is slightly hilarious; two middle-aged men have grabbed the knitting-needles and are dead-serious knitting away on their christmas balls, promising to help anybody that cannot find out in one of their workshops. Both are wearing some contemporary take on Nordic sweaters. Maybe just to match up with the knitted Christmas balls? The interior is also oozing old auntie. This is knitting 2.0 with a thick layer of humor.

Sunday 11 September 2011

Knitting Queen Shanghai

Walking around in the french concession on Saturday, with very friendly Jerry showing us around. Finally a day off after a hard week of intense work-shopping. Come across the Knitting Queen outlet which for obvious reasons immediately caught my attention. All the right key-words there on the board. But once inside it was very disappointing, or it is perhaps that I don't know and understand Chinese knitting and crochet tradition.