Wednesday 1 October 2008

Knitting in the streets of Shanghai

Took this snapshot out of the taxi in Shanghai.
Particularly when it's hot life happens outside, also knitting.

Friday 11 July 2008

modern crafting

This Sunday I went to the Utrechts salon with a friend. I found this pieces of modern crafting absolutely beautiful. I love the mixed media, using the wood or paper as a start and then creating the stitching board by pulling the threads that at the same time also take on the role of perspective. The cutting in the paper or woodboard create 3rd presence in the negative space.
Monique Kwist

Monique Kwist

Monique Kwist

Sunday 10 February 2008


These fantasy-animals, a sort of hybrids or collages are really inspiring. Like the Egyptian sphinxs, legendary creatures that only really exist as a fantasm. In Venice and Italy I found lots of statues of all sorts of legendary creatures often raised to pay respect to a saint or so. Thomas Grunfeld is creating new and unheard of species of imaginary creatures by sampling existing animals together in a sort of cut-paste way. I also love the more sci-fi type of sfinx that figure in Enki Bilals Immortal.

Thomas Grunfeld out of the series of Three Misfits 1994
Sci-fi Sfinx by Enki Bilal

The Griffin outside st.Marks basilica in Venice,
a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle

The winged lion st. Mark, the patron saint of Venice.
another winged Lion, I think. You find them all over the place in Venice.This time build into the facade of a hospital. (if I remember right)

Another Griffin in Padova,Italy.