Wednesday 6 January 2010

Reknit project 4

let me start backwards with project reknit project 4. The last one I completed. This WAS an awful old shawl from my mum, probably from the dark stoneages of the 70's, at least I remember her wearing it when I was a kid. Really old-fashioned in both colors and style.

Firstly I unraveled this shawl and that was quite something, because it's made of an untwined type of irregular wool it really sticks together so it took me quite some effort. By the way the un-twinedness is exactly why I spend the effort, it gives the work a beautiful handmade texture. And where I live now, they don't sell this type of yarn. It's not that it wouldn't be impossible to get hold of over the internet, it's just that I like the other way more. Not wasting anything. Not throwing a beautiful and useful material away. Just upcycling it into something new.

It was turned into a poncho for my sister. So the yarn also jumped a generation. My sister loves the poncho (she still owes me in-use photos though!!) The knitting itself was quite some work, as it was knitted on thin needles. It's also in the nature of my work that I do things over several times, because I knit without a recipy, just let the work appear in front of my eyes, and guessing how to continue. Obviously that doesn't always go well. And then I unravel and do it again. And again. And again. Until I get it right.

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