Saturday 23 March 2013

and another Cardigan no1

Lazy, lazy, lazy Knitbitch you might think. we haven't heard anything for so long.... well because I have been very busy, unfortunately not knitting, but my day-job has been very demanding in the last year.
Nevertheless in-between I have managed to craft a new cardigan. In-between as in, I need to knit to distract myself from work, it's my meditation. so I gladly knit at night.

My friend Margriet (who's also posing in the picture) donated the yarn. It has been handspun by the brother of her boyfriend. She really did not see any opportunities or potential in the yarn. To a certain extend rightly so, there was too little of it, I had to buy the yarn for the sleeves (Lopi Lett).
But I immediately fell in-love with the colors. The grey and the mustard yellow. So beautiful together.