Monday 30 December 2013

Delfts Blue Amigurumi (madam Blå)

Another "rumi" based on the pattern for the basic amigurumi pattern link. I prepared for this amigurumi a long time ago when I bought the blue colour-run/tie-dye blue cotton yarn. I also had another swatch of thin sewing yarn that also had a blue colour-run, bought even longer ago, perhaps almost 20 years ago. Anyways always thought they were the perfect match but what to make? So suddenly as I was preparing for the exhibition and workshop I thought, hey I will make a rabbit. and I was somewhat inspired because I had seen this Dutch porcelain clog with Delfts Blue pattern on it.
Delfts Blue Amigurumi Rabbit, the Delfts Blue flower pattern turned into a flower shawl, still wondering if I should embroider them onto the shirt...

the initial yarn selection and colour-card I made for the rabbit. again; I don't recommend to use those eyes, it didn't work well in the end.

As I was doing the works and also in parallel preparing for the exhibition; meaning cleaning up my image archive to create some posters, I suddenly came across the picture with which this had all started. it's a rather old baby-picture, an image a colleague send, and I remember I thought back then ah, I will crochet a Delfts Blue Singaporean Merlion ( this colleague lives is a Dutch living in Singapore) but as things went I never got to make the Merlion, and had also completely forgotten about the idea, until I encountered the image again.
Mik, 2007

Saturday 21 December 2013

Pyke glitch

what happend? Truth is I don't really know, but last night I was working a bit on Pyke's amigurumi, putting him into a Judith green background. The kind of green that his mum uses on all her pictures. and as I was photoshopping, I wasrecoloring the background using an old trick of simply deleting all surrounding colour. and I was a bit irritated that it took soooooooo looooooong. and then vupti, there was a very strange, but also very nice Pyke on a patchwork background of himself. Love it.

Friday 20 December 2013

Pyke's amigurumi rabbit

Christmas holiday has begun, which means I have some time to finally update the blog with a little story about Pyke's rabbit. I made it over the summer following the basic amigurumi pattern.

Pyke is the son of our friends, in this case what inspired me was the particular taste of colour of his mum and the embroidered name-card that his parents send to us when he was born.

#crochet #amigurumi

by choosing the colours of the yarn, I choose and set the general mood of Pyke
Pykes head - work-in-progress - I really regretted putting on the plastic eyes, and later I crochetted new ones as usual. Those plastic ones don't look that good and are dangerous for babies, they may choke on them.
the name-card send when Pyke was born.
here's Pyke with Pyke (and his dad) he really likes to chew on the ears.

Friday 13 December 2013

Street inspiration from Hong Kong

I was lucky to be able to visit Hong Kong in the beginning of December. Here are some inspiring street shots that I made along the way.
christmas Knitting graffiti in Patterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Swatch shop front
Exhibition by local HK artist Prudence Mak in the mall in front of the office.

Japanese knitting books galore at Tomato Books. There was even Arne & Carlos translated to Japanese.
 Thx Jur for the tip. But I couldn't choose. #hk
Chinese knitting magazine galore at Shenzhen Central station.
Again surprised by how many Scandinavian and English original titles there were