Saturday 24 November 2018

Etsy market

This weekend I am exposing at the Etsy Made in NL market in the "kas" in Utrecht, so please come by if you want to buy something. Particularly the big objects will only be on sale on the market because they are too big to ship.

My exhibition on the market is actually a discussion-piece, I want to talk to people about "true prices", therefore I have developed a pricing label that first shows the material and labor (front side) and then shows the price on the back side. I hope that by presenting this way, people in the split second when they turn the label will think about the material and labor that went into the object, before they turn the label to see the price and conclude that that is very expensive. Actually these "true prices" is the real price of objects if we want to be good to the planet and people, they are made locally often with recycled materials.

(c) Knitbitch

(c) Knitbitch, table seen from the top

(c) Knitbitch, QR-code

(c) Knitbitch, pricing label

(c) Knitbitch, Broomstitch lace bag

(c) knitbitch, shopping net

(c) Knitbitch, kitchencloth

(c)Knitbitch, Lila and Agnes

(c) Knitbitch, christmassbaubles / Julekugler

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