Friday 8 July 2016

Chunky texture cushions

All coincidences. I just happened to have a heap of scraps of Lana Grossa Regazza Lei. And it just so happened that my cushion covers were broken. So why no knit some chunky cushion covers?
And because I had some extra knitting time (due to ill health) I finally had time to teach myself basket weave and herringbone stitch. Which is just lovely in chinky Lana Grossa Regazza Lei. 
Pronto two chinky knit cushion covers. Well, that was actually last year. Due to that Ill health I'm also not so presto blogging

Recently added to the collection: the mustard yellow sister. In Smyrnalaine which I bought on a Frencg flea market. This time just simple seed stitch, because, really, there was not enough yarn. Actually have had to make the backside in some beige Drops Andes. Turned out that the transition from Smyrnalaine to Drops Andes was the most challenging part of the project, because gauge is not identical. 

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