Saturday 27 April 2013

Swapping crochet queensday rings

Today I met with Marina from She was interested in some queensday rings. She choose 1 white ring, 2 orange, and a bleu, white, red striped and a bracelet. One of the orange rings and the bracelet she's going to give away to friends. We made a swap deal; in return i get 4 days worth of using time with the laser-cutter or 3d-printer in her studio. Plus perhaps some yarn from her stash and a beer if she can find me on queens-evening. I thought this was a very generous deal. She even wrote a slip of paper to seal the deal. 

I have made another swap with my colleague Julian who's setting up the FabLab in Tilburg (to open in September), he exchanged for a lovely 3D printed ring!

My colleague swapped for some jewellery, actually meant to be embroidered to decorate the rings. But they are way to pretty for that.

and my colleague Kathelijn donated her yarn in exchange for 2 rings.

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