Saturday 9 January 2010

Reknit Project Number One

Also for project number one there was too little yarn for a complete sweater. That's why it became a poncho. One day during the christmas holiday I suddenly knew it, a poncho would be just the right thing to make. Probably made several attempts before it ended up like it is, but it wasn't too bothersome, because the yarn is very thick, so it knits away very fast.

it's a very warm and comfortable poncho, that you can really hide away in.
I used my moms basic way of creating a garment starting from the neck, just increase 2x4 stitches every 2nd round and it will fit, after having passed the width of the shoulders, increase less. As with everything else, I crafted it as I found fitting as I went along, so there is no real recipy. Because it's reknit out of an old sweater-jacket I also cannot tell you what yarn, but I assume hand-spun.

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