Friday 8 January 2010

reknit project number 3

 I have started this backwards chronology of reknit projects now, so I better stick with it, but when I get to think about it there has been many more of them than this. I have just never recorded any of it with photographs etc. And even now as I get to number 3 my recording starts to get poorer, it was probably only as I went along that I realized that it was interesting to keep the traces.

This project was initially a sweater that Jitske tried to dump on Queensday, the famous Dutch holiday where everybody can sell their old crap on the street for 24 hours. It's like the whole country turns into a short and intense flee-market. Well this sweater was so unattractive that she didn't manage to get rid of it, even at the very end when people tend to just give things away nobody wanted it. Well not so strange, because it wasn't very nice, very old-fashioned model and really not very flattering because it was completely straight. But I liked the quality of the yarn, so I begged her, give it to me, thinking that some day I will make something out of it.

And there it went into my endless piles of salvaged second hand clothes, in a black binbag under my bed. It stayed there for quite a long time. Some years probably. Then one day I though, hey that would be a nice yarn for a pouf, so I first knitted a pouf/cushion with a cable pattern. But I wasn't satisfied with the result, I just thought it was too boring. So then I thought how about some mega-knit, and I started crafting the yarn into an i-cord filling it with fluff. Well also that didn't look very nice. Then Jitskes birthday came closer and suddenly I thought, I will make a nice poncho for Jitske. Some of the process you can see on the picture to the left, and to the right Jitske wearing the result. Some day I will make a better picture...

.... there was a also a cap to go with it....

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