Sunday 10 February 2008


These fantasy-animals, a sort of hybrids or collages are really inspiring. Like the Egyptian sphinxs, legendary creatures that only really exist as a fantasm. In Venice and Italy I found lots of statues of all sorts of legendary creatures often raised to pay respect to a saint or so. Thomas Grunfeld is creating new and unheard of species of imaginary creatures by sampling existing animals together in a sort of cut-paste way. I also love the more sci-fi type of sfinx that figure in Enki Bilals Immortal.

Thomas Grunfeld out of the series of Three Misfits 1994
Sci-fi Sfinx by Enki Bilal

The Griffin outside st.Marks basilica in Venice,
a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle

The winged lion st. Mark, the patron saint of Venice.
another winged Lion, I think. You find them all over the place in Venice.This time build into the facade of a hospital. (if I remember right)

Another Griffin in Padova,Italy.

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