Saturday 4 March 2017

Mosaic knit mini towels

The one small trip to the home country and I come back home with 3 bags of donations. Which really is just yarn stash that somebody else doesn't know what to do with. You can check my Ravelry there is some of this stash that I'm happy to swap or even just give away.

So figured some of this stash could be gifted back to the giver in the form of mini-towels, so I knitted some using mosaic knitting technique. Always wanted to try mosaic knitting by hand. Once in a previous life I did do slip stitching on the knitting machine.

It's really a wonderful way of knitting, so much more easy than real intarsia or fair-isle. The Bible of mosaic knitting is of course by Barbara G. walker. For these towels I used the free pattern and instructions by Purlsoho. I added a couple of variations myself inspired by a Danish kitchen cloth FB group. Particularly nice I think is the detail of the attached i-cord edging and the strap that I made using Purlsoho instructions. Not so easy. Honest is honest I have to watch the instruction video every time.

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