Friday 14 February 2014

New amigurumi round-up

Because of that exhibition that I had end of last year at the craft council of Sonderborgs yearly show, I prepared a poster showing all the amigurumi I have ever made. This poster is an update of the previous overview with the additions since Findus.

you can read the full story of the dolls by clicking on the links here below
Delfts Blue (Madam Blå), Pyke's bunny, Hedgehog Findus, Jo the Biker, Sandy's miniature
Stines miniature, Uma, Lieves emo birdieStrisser the rabbit girl, James the sheep
Hannah the fearie, Ronja, Leo the catwoman, Gothic Lolita for Julie, a bee for Lieve
Duck-face lips for Guus, Mermaid for Carin, Helene & Oliver merried, Helene, punk for Tijmen
Mia doll, Green dragon for Stef, longneck man for Samuel, 3-eyed monster for Nils crobot for Kick

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