Thursday 2 January 2014

hysterical manga rabbit amigurumi

This sweet yet with hysterically screaming contrast colours amigurumi was originally inspired by the pink mohair that I used as hair. That is, the pink mohair I tried to make look like hair. Not really that rabbits have hair... but... in the end it ended looking more like a hat i would say. This amigurumi I prepared for the workshop and exhibition in Sønderborg, Denmark earlier this year, in order to test the pattern and have some models to show.

The crochet heart on the front of the t-shirt is made following these instructions from Skip-to-my-lou

The rest of the yarn for this "rumi" came from some recent donations from my mom; the very fresh green and light pink on the head. The pink from the skirt came from some knitted towels I had. afraid it must have been an aunt or perhaps even my granny that once knitted that for me. But I don't like pink in my home, so I decided to sacrifice it. Finished off those feet/paws with some supersoft white mohair.
colour and yarn selection for the hysterical manga rabbit "rumi"

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