Friday 17 January 2014

Men's scarf

Here's the scarf I made as a last minute gift to my hubby just before Christmas. It's very simple; a chain mail like stitch made using a Tunesian sort of crochet knitting stitch. I have made endless test and trials in the past trying develop or find a stitch that I found male enough. There are surprisingly little to be found on men's knitting on the internet both in terms of inspiration of stitch, patterns and models. Let alone men that knit. But at a certain point I came across this absolutely hilarious video of an Icelandic man knitting. He is explaining how to knit the Tunesian stitch.

Used a Little yarn from my stash turned out I had 3 skeins of greys and blacks that made a perfect "ombré" gradient color scheme. And was even so lucky that the mid grey contains a little mohair which makes it nice and soft against the throat.

some advise; if you decide to try this, remember to use a way too thick needle, the stich makes the texture very thick and dense. I used 1,5-2mm too big hook.

Mixed the mohair with some acrylic/wool yarn from the Zeeman

Nice mohair mix that I got from my mom, unfortunately she doesn't remember where she bought it.

Think I might want to try out this stitch for a jacket/vest soon, so keep watching this space :-)


  1. Hej Hanne
    Jeg er ret sikker på at det er fra Netto. Det ligner rigtig meget deres banderoler.
    God weekend til dig.

    1. Hej Kis, tak for tippet! Også god weekend til dig

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