Monday 30 December 2013

Delfts Blue Amigurumi (madam Blå)

Another "rumi" based on the pattern for the basic amigurumi pattern link. I prepared for this amigurumi a long time ago when I bought the blue colour-run/tie-dye blue cotton yarn. I also had another swatch of thin sewing yarn that also had a blue colour-run, bought even longer ago, perhaps almost 20 years ago. Anyways always thought they were the perfect match but what to make? So suddenly as I was preparing for the exhibition and workshop I thought, hey I will make a rabbit. and I was somewhat inspired because I had seen this Dutch porcelain clog with Delfts Blue pattern on it.
Delfts Blue Amigurumi Rabbit, the Delfts Blue flower pattern turned into a flower shawl, still wondering if I should embroider them onto the shirt...

the initial yarn selection and colour-card I made for the rabbit. again; I don't recommend to use those eyes, it didn't work well in the end.

As I was doing the works and also in parallel preparing for the exhibition; meaning cleaning up my image archive to create some posters, I suddenly came across the picture with which this had all started. it's a rather old baby-picture, an image a colleague send, and I remember I thought back then ah, I will crochet a Delfts Blue Singaporean Merlion ( this colleague lives is a Dutch living in Singapore) but as things went I never got to make the Merlion, and had also completely forgotten about the idea, until I encountered the image again.
Mik, 2007

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