Friday 27 May 2011

Stines miniature

What Stine really wanted for her confirmation (sealing of convenant made at baptism), was a mini-mi portrait doll of herself, as was looking on the day.

Of course I could not have the doll ready for the day, because untill the last minute it was not clear what she was going to look like :-) amongst others the hair-do was decided last minute, on the morning itself. So in order to compensate for the shameful lack of present I made a little illustration and used it as a gift-card as a token that she would get the doll later.

This is what Stine looked like on the day itself. Pretty lady, heh? I particularly liked the hair-do, which I think I didn't render very well on the doll.

Here are some of the details; the marguerite/daisy bracelet, a very traditional Danish type of jewellery famously made by Georg Jensen.

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