Wednesday 29 November 2017

Snow covered fir tree yulekugle

I knitted this yulekugle whilst we where on a delayed autumn holiday in the Vosges Mountains in France. In fact we where so late that we experienced some of the seasons first snow, which was beautiful.
I had seen these beautiful fair isle mittens by Ysolha where the top had been finished using the technique from a fair isle tam. I thought it would be nice to try that on the top and bottom of the yulekugle because I always find it difficult to make a nice top and bottom.
Also partly because I forgot to bring my sock needles I decided to knit using a magic loop, which I have never done before. I must say it really works fantastic, much less hassle especially with this fair isle tam finishing.

snow covered fir trees yulekugle with fair isle tam top and bottom

so whilst you are here, why don't you take a look at my amazing (saying it myself) numbered advent calendar yulekugler that I knitted for my mum a couple of years back.

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