Sunday 2 July 2017

More mini-towels

Some more mini-towels, I'm a bit obsessed with the mosaic knitting, it's such a great stitch, minimum effort, maximum effect. That's what i like. I'm using the towel pattern by Purlsoho, but filling it in a bit myself as well, using different mosaic knit patterns. I love the U-cord edging detail.
This time I have again dived into my humongous heap of donated stash and digger out this turquoise bamboo yarn, which is originally from the Aldi. I got this batch from my cousin, who in tun got it I think from a distant kind of relative. To make it work I bought some supplementary navy and white from Schoeller+Stahl Bahia. Looks quite nice like this, even if I'm just saying it myself.
It has been a while since I made these, but can now publish as they have now finally been been given away.

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