Friday 4 April 2014

Da-Mi's mini-me

When it became clear that Da-Mi was going to leave us, there was only one thing for me to do to say proper good-bye; crochet a Mini Da-Mi to give her as good-bye present!


Da-Mi was always so enthusiastic about the crochet. First one to want a Queensday ring etc. And she had made several attempts to try out the crocheting herself, on saturdays we had gotten together and I had been teaching her the crochet, she had made a start at making a doll herself. But it turned out to be slightly more difficult than anticipated. and there was a bit of bad luck, the hair we had decided to put on her doll, really, was looking like afro. What a throw-back. after that never much came of it ever again. That's why I thought if anybody deserves a doll, it's Da-Mi.

Here are some more pictures

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