Friday, 12 January 2018

Gift reveal

As the festive season is now over I can finally show you some of the kitchen cloth i had made for my mum, sister and cousin as advents gifts.
Almost Everything i make is made out of my existing stash, this is no different, only i make a special effort out of gifting them back the stash they have donated me. And their stash again for a big part is stash they have been donated by others. Anyway this way it returns to sender. Its quite a puzzle to try to match up different thicknesses of yarns and different colouts into sets that you think can work. And in this case trying to make total sets of 4 (advent) that match and fit their kitchen or taste

I regretted later that I had not used this green yarn to knit christmas trees.

Matching colours and yarns from the stash

Matching colours and yarns from the stash

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