Friday, 24 November 2017

Black flowerbed mega crochet rug

This black flower-bed rug is made of t-shirt yarn and crocheted on needle size 12.

This project started out with a pile of old t-shirts and a vague idea of turning that into yarn and making something out of it. The original idea was a supersize ninja-rabbit (no photo) but that didn't work out so well partly because the yarn was too heavy and it was hard to figure out what to fill the rabbit with. Also I had second thoughts about having a supersize ninja-rabbit in my living room.

So I thought about it for some years, perhaps 3. I have always wanted to make unusual rugs. I had looked a lot at these doilies for inspiration but it sort of just didn't seem inspiring at all. Suddenly one day it occurred to me to just make these rosettes with leaves and attach them to each-other. In the first instance I had imagined the rosettes to turn out much bigger and there would have been less of them, but in the end it became this rug with multiple rosettes.

It is really easy to make, you just take (or make) t-shirt yarn and crochet rosettes. I used a classic rosette pattern, but then making 5 petals. Whenever the amount of yarn I allowed I attached a leave to the rosette. There are many different kind of leaves, I settled on the simplest possible leave. So I crocheted several supersize rosettes and leaves and then assembled them together.  According to my husband I should make the rug 2-3 times bigger, but the yarn is all used now.

The material: the rug is made of t-shirt yarn, appx half of it is made of my old t-shirts that i have literally cut into strip with a scissor. For appx the other half I have used one cone zpaghetti, one cone of unbranded t-shirt yarn. Due to this mix of materials the rug has a natural uneven black color.

The rug is oval measures appx 100x120 cm and weighs around 3 kilos.

It is now for sale in my Etsy shop.

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