Friday, 31 January 2014

Sensual or punk? fingerless gloves

These gloves are based on a very old-fashioned glove pattern that I know by memory, unfortunately the real written pattern is lost somewhere in a pile or box. It's not the easiest piece of work, as I work with a single strand of Marianne Isager Tvinni on 5 sock needles 2,5mm, so it's a work of precision and patience. In this case I cast on 60 stitches, and after quite a long piece of rib, switched to an open twisted rib on the front and plain on the backside of the hand. I matched out the amounts of open twisted rib so it would exactly match up to run 2 onto each of the fingers.

a little side-note; as I almost always work from my stash of yarns and old knittings as I have a mountain!! This is a re-knitting project, this Tvinni yarn has been recycled from a project that I knitted when I was 15, which is many years ago. More about that later in the post about the 2nd pair of fingerless gloves that I was able to make from this yarn.

Anyways I memorized the couple of tricks or interventions you need to make to create a more neat and "fully fashioned" pair of gloves. First thing is to increase stitches for the thumb. increase 2 stitches every 4th round will do. I place the thumb in-between 2 purl stitches to really mark the place. second thing that makes these gloves more finished is that I actually knit the fingers, unlike many of the fingerless gloves that are being posted, were you simply close off the round. open twisted rib

what more can I say, they are really nice and warm and I just hope I won't loose them in my commute any time soon (which I did with the previous pair pretty quickly :-()


  1. oh wow you're a flippin' knittin' genius, chicka!

    1. ha chicka, thxxxxxxx, you are not too bad either :-)