Sunday, 19 February 2012

New amigurumi; Jo the rockbitch

For Jo's leaving party. jo is a biker girl, so I thought let's make a rockbitch, easy to make it look like Jo with all that hair. She's from Scotland, which you hear when she talks :-) so we gave her a celtic cross on the front of her t-shirt. The amigurumi is wearing the recognizable Jo signature elements; golden sneakers and leather jacket.

John helped brainstorming about the styling elements, Ozgur helped with the photography. It's Ozgurs LEGO bike.
rockbitch amigurumi

rockbitch amigurumi
rockbitch amigurumi
Jo and her rockbitch avatar


  1. I love her! Do you happen to have a pattern for the jacket?

    1. hi, thank you :-) no, I'm sorry but no pattern available for the jacket. But jackets for amigurumi I always make in a very simple manner. Just cast on as many stitches as you need to reach around the belly. Knit away, once you have reached armhole hight, close off a couple of stitches to make the armhole and continue straight untill you reach shoulder height, then just wave away your stitches and sew together the shoulders. The armhole will be a kind of triangle. for sleeves just knit two rectangles and sew them into tubes and attach to armhole.
      Hope this helps :-)