Saturday, 25 June 2011

what has the Knitbitch been up to?

You have not heard much about the work of the Knitbitch herself lately. Let me tell you about a project that I have been working on, it's not finished, but well on it's way.  The poufs. There are 2 of them now, still working on the 3rd one.
After. 2 finished poufs.

If you have read some of my earlier posts you would know that my stash is not just a stash, it's a mountain that has accumulated over many, many years. Many people would say throw it all away it's worthless. I'm thinking this is a nice challenge for me, to bring all this yarn to use. Some of the yarn that I have accumulated is not exactly human body friendly. It's really itchy, actually I think it's carpet yarn. So for a number of times I started making poufs. My two first attempts where failures. The yarn was just not thick enough to make the crochet fit the proportion of the pouf, and once I started knitting a tube and filling it that was just too fat.

Then I suddenly remembered my mum's (again it's her) old trick for faking spool-knitting, and I started knitting a tube that way. And then it worked. However the tube became so thick that I could only do the crochet by hand. Not such a big problem as the crochetting itself is not work compared to the tube-knitting work which in this case took ages, spending nights in-front of telly. Working off all the daily stress through knitting.
How-to megacrochet a pouf
the projects are not really re-knitting projects, except for the grey pouf which is half re-knit. Half of the yarn came from a sweater-jacket that i had made almost 20 years ago. It was still beautiful, but I have not worn it for 18 years, so I set to un-ravelling it to create the pouf from it.
Before. Jacket I knitted appx. 20 years ago.

will show you the whole collection once pouf nr.3 is finished. It might take a little while!

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